Custom “Cut To Size” Mirror and Glass

Classic Antique Mirror specializes in custom cut antique and vintage mirror. Our mirrors are brand new – they just have a vintage old world look. We have a large inventory so most of our products are in stock when an order is placed.  Edge polishing and beveled edges are also available for your antique mirror. All our antique mirror products are hand crafted and hand painted, so there will be some variation to patterns.  This will not look like wallpaper if you mirror a wall in our mirror.

Classic Antique Mirror is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have dealership locations throughout the United States so chances are there is a location near you. You can view samples of our products at your dealer location so you know exactly what you will be ordering. If there is not a location in your area that is convenient to you, please call us at 423-266-3344 and we will assist you. Sample sets are made available and will be shipped to you upon request.

Our location in Chattanooga also specializes in many other forms of decorative glass and mirrors. For more information, please visit one of our other decorative glass websites:

To see if there is a dealer in your area, take a look at our dealer map. You can also feel free to contact Classic Antique Mirror directly by visiting our contact page.